Roman Holiday Recaptured


In the chapter “Rome Recaptured” Hughes talked about many movies that were shot in Rome. The one we are most familiar with since we watched it on a beautiful night at Meg’s house is “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. This movie was released in 1953, ten years after Italy (captured by Hitler) surrendered to the Western Allied Forces.  We can see areas of Rome within the scenes of “Roman Holiday,” showing how it had been beautified back to its pre-war splendor.  We also can see areas where we will be visiting. Hopefully we can see all of these settings from different parts of the movie.  We have an added advantage, though.  We get to see them in color!

This is the place where Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck put their hands in the statue to see if their hands will be bit off because of the legend.

Where they meet up with Irving before the wild ride in the city on the Vespa. Ann drinks champagne. This is right by the Pantheon

The night of dancing on the river

  • Castra Praetoria

Wall of wishes, a part of the ancient Roman fortification

The studio where movies are made in Italy.

American News Service Office

Ann’s embassey

Where she sees Joe again after she gets a Gelato

The first place they go when Irving is taking her picture from his cigarette lighter.

When they jump in the river so the guys in black suits can’t get Ann and take her back.

Joe Bradley’s apartment

where Bradley finds the princess asleep on a bench

Barbiere where the princess has her hair cut

  • Palazzo Colonna- The final interview of Princess Ann

There’s an actual “Roman Holiday” tour. Here is the link:


2 thoughts on “Roman Holiday Recaptured

  1. I am going to order the movie and bring it to Cambridge next summer so you can tell me all the things you saw and I can see them with you.
    Bon Voyage.

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