Wednesday with Meg

On Wednesday, September 11th we studied in our classroom in the Rome Center in the Campo and then on to the Museo Nazionale. At the front of the museum are sayings. The one I focused on, because I didn’t like the wording was: “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.” Not that I don’t believe it, but that it was completely leaving out half of the population.  We are a group of very powerful women, why don’t we get our power statement? So…we changed it.  First Carrie tore out the paper that would have the corrected wordage on it:

Rome 861

Then we positioned the words:

Rome 862

Yay, us!

Rome 863

And thank you to Ken for capturing the women in action!

Now on to the museum!  Each time we go to one, instead of a tour guide telling us about the pieces we are seeing, we each get a piece of art to report on.  We meet outside the museum and present our piece to the group.  It is amazing how attached to these pieces we are.  You will hear each of us say, “Where’s my piece?” or “Oh! There’s Carrie’s piece!” We own them by the time we are done with each museum.  We are now owners of Raphael’s, Michealangelo’s, Carvaggio’s, Canova’s, Corsini’s and much, much more.  At the National Museum of Rome I presented on the Discopoulos.

Rome 970

Here it is! This has been used as a way to study the human body and what the muscles look like as the man is throwing the discus. However, studies have shown (apparently) that his muscles do not show the tenseness of strength that they should if they were ready to throw the discus. Also, this dude doesn’t fool anyway.  He doesn’t actually KNOW how to throw the discus.  This throw wouldn’t make it go very far.

It was fun to learn more about the art in this museum, and feel connected not only the people who are in the group, but to the pieces of art that we are owning; if not in our homes, than in our hearts. They belong to us.  We still go around and talk about the art we have studied through the avenue of ownership.

But, I have to admit that my favorite places are where they show Mosaics.  The top floor of this museum is Mosaics.  I just didn’t get enough time with the museum.  And, as one of my classmates has said: “You won’t ever get in all that you want to see, save it for next time.”

I will always remember wandering around this place, slowly and easily. Talking about the pieces as we enjoy each and every one.  It was very moving and I felt connected to the art and my fellow students with which I shared them.


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