Thursday in Ostia Antica

Rome 1198

Elizabeth and I next to a column in the ruins of Ostia Antica, a harbor town of Rome.  Playing around in the ruins of this rather large town was great fun.  We enjoyed the buildings and imagined what it had been like for the people in antiquity to walk around this town.

Rome 1207

The mosaic floors are still present, a great surprise to us as we discovered them during our adventurous walk around town.

Rome 1213

Elizabeth, the best roommate in the world, and I have fun in the ruins while Ken spies on us from the other side of the wall.

Rome 1248

After our adventures within the town, we sit down in the amphitheater and listened to Nate read from Marcus Aurelius. The tour group who was sitting to the right of us was not amused.  They asked Nate to stop talking, in a rather ungrateful way.  The group of German students also wanted their time on the stage, upsetting the tour guide even more.  Nate had fun photobombing the German student group, just because he could.  At least they appreciated Nate’s impromptu production, well, so did we.  It was fantastic!

Rome 1249

I will enter a quote from Marcus Aurelius here.  I left my homework in my bag, and my bag was taken over to Jessica’s to lighten my load for the afternoon.  As soon as I get it back, I will talk a bit about M. A. here.

Rome 1265


Rome 1313

It’s time for a break in my kitchen complete with marble table and marble wall.  What it had to have looked like back in the day!

Rome 1318

Exploring the drainage and bath house with the Varners, Nate, and Ken.  Ken’s behind the camera.

For more on Ostia Antica, visit this website.


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