After a day in Ostia Antica…

We went to Conrad’s on San Francisco/Kelly Ripa street.  Actually, the store is called Conad’s and it’s on Via di San Francesco a Ripa. We just decided that we needed to name it something that us American’s could remember.  It was funny when my brother, Jake, started calling the road San Francisco/Kelly Ripa street. We knew we had rubbed off on him, making him one of us.  I’m pretty sure he still thinks the store is called Conrad’s though. The upstairs is full of clothes and things, downstairs is food.  This was our second food purchase. We went to a different store when we first arrived. One that was more Trastevere-like. Small aisles, wandering here and there as if it was a labyrinth of food alleys.  Conad had more choices and better prices.

That night we went out for pizza and gelato.

Rome 1339

Me and Jake


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