Quotes from Rome

“2700 years to get it right. And they got it right. So that’s cool.”

“What if Bernini is calling us from the past?”

“The space has its own memory.”

“The downfall of Roman Civilization: No Barbecues.”

“Let the dead bury the dead; I’m going shopping.”

“The problem with these croissants is that I have to use the napkin. And I always end up eating the napkin.”

“That’s pretty much a you problem. Not a croissant problem.”

“Look at the sculpture right in the eyes.”

“I’d bury you here.” (When talking about the limited space in the Protestant Cemetery and how they are very selective.)

“There is so much [of Rome] you have to find it for yourself. It won’t guide you. You have to guide it. You decide what you want to see.”

“Rome will always be sunny. It will always be warm. And we will always be here.”


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